Research Line 5

Electro-conversion of biobased feeds into valuable base chemicals

Prof.dr. J.H. Bitter, Wageningen University & Research  

Projectnumber P17-08 project 5

The aim is to establish the relationships between feedstock properties, catalyst properties, and production characteristics (activity, selectivity and stability) of carbohydrate (starch) based feedstocks in a paired electrolysis cell (i.e. perform useful reaction at both the anode and cathode).

Main deliverables and timing

D5.1. Database for electrochemical conversions (M12+M36) of starch-based feedstocks using known noble-metal electrocatalysts (Pt/C, Pt/TiO2) that links type of feedstock, main product, catalyst and support material, and operating conditions to conversion and selectivity. Data from the research lines on N2 and CO2 conversion will be added as well to have a solid foundation for the future development of paired electrolysis.

D5.2. Mechanistic understanding of the selective oxidation/reduction of C-H, C-O, and C=O bonds in carbohydrate molecules for known and new electrocatalysts. (M36)

D5.3. Catalyst, support and promoter formulations for active, selective, and stable noble metal, non-noble metal electrocatalysts for electrocatalytic conversion of biomass (M12, M36)

D5.4. Demonstration of paired electrocatalytic conversion of biobased feedstocks into base chemicals in a flow cell at the lab-scale. (M24-M48)


Prof.dr. J.H. Bitter

Wageningen University & Research

Research Line Leader

Prof.dr. P.P. Pescarmona

University of Groningen

Prof.dr. M.T.M. Koper

Leiden University

Dr. J. Creus Casanovas

Postdoctoral Researcher

M.P.J.M. van der Ham

Ph.D. Candidate