Research Line 4

Nitrogen activation and ammonia oxidation 

Prof.dr. F.M. Mulder, Delft University of Technology

Projectnumber P17-08 project 4

This project line focuses on the electrocatalytic activation of dinitrogen (N2), its reduction to ammonia and the electrochemical oxidation of ammonia to NO3-. The main challenges related to these nitrogen cycle reactions are the kinetic limitations, leading to poor efficiencies for ammonia production; moreover, the selective oxidation of ammonia towards NO3- is hardly studied.

Main deliverables and timing

D4.1. Identification of active and efficient electro-catalytic systems for the production of ammonia and ammonia oxidation.

D4.2. Optimization and understanding the effect of process conditions on electro-catalytic nitrogen reduction and ammonia oxidation.

D4.3. Mechanistic understanding on how nitrogen reaction products are formed on electro-catalytic surfaces.

D4.4. First indication of the feasibility of electrochemical N2 to NH3 reduction and NH3 oxidation to NO3- in an electrochemical device.

People F. Mulder

Delft University of Technology

Research Line Leader

Dr. R. Kortlever

Delft University of Technology

B. Izelaar

Ph.D. Candidate

M.P. Jungbacker

Ph.D. Candidate

D.D. van Noordenne

Ph.D. Candidate