Research Line 2

Reactor, Process and system design for electro synthesis of base chemicals J.R. van Ommen, Delft University of Technology 

Projectnumber P17-08 project 2

This project focuses on the generic aspects of reactor and process design for the electrocatalytic production of liquid base chemicals and fuels from gaseous (e.g. CO2) feeds. To control the gas bubble dynamics, we will employ small channels containing a liquid electrolyte through which gas bubbles are travelling, in a so-called Taylor flow. As a working example we will study the two-step electrocatalytic conversion of CO2 to alcohols. Once successful, we will couple our reactor design with the catalysts and technologies developed in other projects (3-5).

Main deliverables and timing

D2.1. Design of a microfluidic platform for electro-catalytic tests (M18)

D2.2. Validated structured reactor setup for electro-catalysis (M48)

D2.3. Design of a two-step electro-catalytic system for efficient alcohol production at optimal conditions (M36)

D2.4. Integration of the electro-cat. system in a membrane electrode assembly (MEA) (M48)

D2.5. Model for gas dissolution and mass transfer in different solvents in electro-synthesis reactors with micro-/milli-fluidic channels (M27)

D2.6. Defining gas cleaning requirements for gases, either CO2 or N2 based, supplied to electro-synthesis reactors studied in projects 1-4 to produce bulk chemicals and fuels (M36)

D2.7. Process system modelling and simulations concerning electro-synthesis of liquid bulk chemicals and fuels in close collaboration with project 3, 4 and 5, including advanced paired cathodic and anodic production (M48)

People J.R. van Ommen

Delft University of Technology

Research Line Leader

Dr. R. Kortlever

Delft University of Technology W. de Jong

Delft University of Technology V. van Steijn

Delft University of Technology

A. Sajeev Kumar

Ph.D. Candidate

N. Girichandran

Ph.D. Candidate